Nov 17 – 18, 2022
Charles University
Europe/Prague timezone

Local info

The venue

The meeting will be held at the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics, V Holesovickach 2, Prague 8. It will be at 9th floor, auditorium A945.

There is an eduroam wifi connection. Those without eduroam: please write to us in advance.

Getting there:

Travel to Nádraží Holešovice Station, it is the nearest Metro Station to IPNP(MFFUK). You can reach here by either of the one  (Bus, Tram, Metro) from your residence/city center.

From Nádraží Holešovice,  Busses 187 (every 15 minutes/not available on Thursday (public holiday)) and 210 (every 15 minutes) regularly in the direction of the venue. If you take Bus 187, get off at the location Pelc Tyrolka. For Bus 210 you will reach and get off at the stop Kuchynka. From these stops, it’s a 5-minute (500m) walk towards IPNP (MFF) building and reach the main entrance.

Tickets: Regular tickets are valid for 90 mins (changes allowed) and cost 40 CZK (1.7 EUR). They can be purchased in advance and must be stamped at a start of the ride - validated. They can be purchased at Metro stations and trams (cards accepted). At the bus payment with exact change is possible with the driver. Tickets for 30 CZK are valid 30 mins (tough).

How to get there


Participants are asked to book accommodation themselves. Some tips:

  • There is one hotel next to our institute with 5 rooms free. If you book, ask a discount for the Charles Uni guests (“MFF").
  • There are a few hotels in the walking distance (Hotel Troja, etc - check accommodation servers)
  • Downtown hotel requires 30-40 min public transport trip to our institute - 17th is a holiday with sparser but still running public transport (2 EUR) or 15 min by taxi (15 EUR). 

Dinner place:

17 Nov 20hrs,

18 Nov 20 hrs,

Other info

Trip Institute - airport: 
- public transport 60 min, 2 Eur
- taxi 30 min, 30 Eur

EURos are not generally accepted, but credit cards are. There are many ATMs.

Prices downtown are in general similar or slightly below the prices in Germany (coffee 2-3 EUR, beer 3-4, lunch 10-15)


Zdenek's office number redirected to mobile: +420 951 552 456