May 25 – 27, 2011
Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
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Gamma ray sources observation with ARGO-YBJ.

May 26, 2011, 10:00 AM
Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy

Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy

Viale Ostiense 159 00148, Roma Italy Room: Aula Magna


Dr Silvia Vernetto (IFSI-INAF)


The ARGO-YBJ experiment is a full coverage Extensive Air Shower array operating at the Cosmic Ray Observatory of Yangbajing (Tibet, China, 4300 m a.s.l.). One of the scientific goals of ARGO-YBJ is the observation of gamma ray sources at energies E > 0.3 TeV. The large field of view ( > 2 sr) and the high duty cycle (> 90%) of the detector allows the continuous monitoring of the sky in the declination band from -10 to +70 degrees. In this work we present the results of our observations of galactic and extragalactic sources during more than three years, focusing our attention on the Crab Nebula, the blazar Mrk421 and the galactic extended source MGRO J1908+06, associated to the Fermi pulsar PSR J1907+0602.

Primary author

Dr Silvia Vernetto (IFSI-INAF)

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