May 25 – 27, 2011
Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
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Electron muon identification in a new concept of an EAS detector

May 25, 2011, 6:30 PM
1h 15m
Poster Hall (Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy)

Poster Hall

Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy

Viale Ostiense 159 00148, Roma Italy Room: Aula Magna


Maurizio Iori (ROMA1)


M. Iori, E. Arslan,H. Denizli,M. Kaya,J. Russ,A. Yilmaz Sapienza'' University of Rome, Italy Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh USA Abant Izzet Baysal University TK University of Kafkas TK We present results demonstrating the time resolution and muon-electron separation capabilities with a new concept of an EAS detector capable for measurements of cosmic rays arriving with large zenith angles. This kind of detector will be part of a large area (several square kilometer) surface array designed to measure Ultra High Energy (0.01-100 EeV) neutrinos using the Earth-skimming technique. Because of the very good time resolution and adjustable orientation of the detector elements, we can separate upward-moving tracks from downward tracks at any orientation with high efficiency. The particle identification capability is tested by measurements in coincidence with the KASKADE-GRANDE experiment in Karlsruhe, Germany. A method to identify muons and electron-gammas is presented and a validation from KASKADE-GRANDE is shown.

Primary author


Emine Arslan (Bolu University)

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