May 25 – 27, 2011
Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
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Radio extended regions in AGN and their connection with cosmic rays

May 25, 2011, 6:30 PM
1h 15m
Poster Hall (Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy)

Poster Hall

Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy

Viale Ostiense 159 00148, Roma Italy Room: Aula Magna


Dr Nectaria Gizani (HOU)


We study whether radio relics, halos and mini-halos contribute in the acceleration of cosmic rays. These extended structures are not associated with the AGN phenomenon. AGN can produce particle bubbles of non-thermal emission, which can restrict cosmic rays. Radio relics and (mini) halos could be forming as a result of the confinement of cosmic rays by these bubbles. For our study we use radio, optical and X-ray data of a sample of 70 Abell clusters. We report on the work in progress and future plans.

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