May 25 – 27, 2011
Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
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Status of VERITAS

May 26, 2011, 9:00 AM
Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy

Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy

Viale Ostiense 159 00148, Roma Italy Room: Aula Magna


Prof. Kenneth Ragan (McGill University)


The VERITAS observatory is composed of four 12-m imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes located in southern Arizona and dedicated to the study of gamma rays at very high energies (VHE, E > 100 GeV). It has been in full operation since 2007 and has detected more than 30 VHE sources to date. The VERITAS collaboration pursues a broad scientific program including the study of galactic and extragalactic sources, the search for dark matter, and gamma-ray burst follow-up observations. This talk will review some of our recent results and briefly discuss the status of the detector upgrade currently underway.

Primary author

Prof. Kenneth Ragan (McGill University)

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