Topics that will be discussed during the workshop:

  • Non-linear problems in gravitational physics, collapse & structure formation: role of the Non-Linear Schrodinger Equation
  • Astrophysical and cosmological probes of primordial quantum correlations
  • Non-Markovian (non-equilibrium) effects in cosmological problems
  • Black hole thermodynamics & information problem

The event will be held at the Gran Sasso Science Institute of L'Aquila on October 5-7, 2022.


Invited Speakers: 

Erik Aurell (Stockholm University)
Nicola Bartolo (University of Padova)
Angelo Bassi* (University of Trieste)
Massimo Bianchi (University of TorVergata)
Lapo Casetti (University of Florence)
Kyriakos Destounis (Sapienza University of Rome)
GIacomo Gradenigo (GSSI)
Raul Jimenez (University of Barcelona)
Sandro Wimberger (University Parma)


Scientific Committee: 

Marica Branchesi, Sabino Matarrese, Roberto Livi

Organizing Committee: 

Giacomo Gradenigo, Andrea Maselli, Paolo Pani


Gran Sasso Science Institute
viale Francesco Crispi, 7 - 67100 LAquila (AQ)
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