23 September 2021
Hotel Starhotels Majestic, Torino
Europe/Rome timezone

The workshop is dedicated to the opportunities offered by multi-messenger astronomy in the field of dark matter searches and cosmology.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts who have worked with different gravitational tracers of dark matter (galaxy catalogues, gravitational lensing effect, hydrogen intensity mapping) and cosmic messengers (photons, gravitational waves, neutrinos), together with researchers who are part of scientific collaborations of experiments, with particular attention to the Fermi-LAT  space telescope and the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope for mapping hydrogen intensity. 

The schedule is organised in slots of 35 minutes, intended as 30 minutes of talk, followed by 5 minutes of questions.


The workshop is financed by:

-  The Cassini Junior 2020 Grant, awarded by the Institut Français Italia and the French Embassy in Italy

- "The Dark Universe: A Synergic Multimessenger Approach", PRIN 2017,  awarded by Italian Ministry of University and Research.


Organizers: Elena Pinetti (University of Turin & Sorbonne Université), Nicolao Fornengo (University of Turin & INFN Turin)

Hotel Starhotels Majestic, Torino
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 54 - 10123 - Torino - Italia
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