Working Group 3: Ion studies and Fermi/LAT

Jul 8, 2021, 5:00 PM


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Working Group 3: Ion studies and Fermi/LAT

  • Alexandra Lysenko (Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation)
  • Melissa Pesce-Rollins (PI)


Over the past 12 years, Fermi-LAT observations of high-energy solar flares have revealed an extremely rich and diverse sample of events with a wide variety of characteristics providing valuable information on accelerated ions. In order to fully understand the acceleration mechanisms at work during these flares it is imperative to combine gamma-ray observations with the observations of the UV/optical/IR/radio counterparts as well as the frequently accompanying CMEs and SEPs. Although there are space-based observatories in high energy range operating at present, every instrument has its own limitations, thus it is also important to understand what new observations are needed and to develop requirements for potential future instrumental capabilities. This working group invites contributions relating to solar flares observed in gamma-ray range by Fermi-LAT and other instruments and their connection with multiwavelength counterparts, theory/modeling of the acceleration processes associated with these flares. Also contributions on new instrumentation requirements in gamma-ray range are welcomed.

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