1-5 November 2021
Institute for Nuclear Theory (INT) - remote
US/Pacific timezone

The FF2021 workshop (INT 21-80W) provides a framework for experimentalists and theoreticians to discuss new developments and ongoing efforts in the field of hadronization and fragmentation functions.

Hadronization is intrinsically connected to fundamental aspects of QCD, such as confinement and the dynamical breaking of the chiral symmetry. Understanding the hadronization mechanism is also critically important to connect what happened between the hard interactions in a scattering process and the moment when the hadrons are observed in the detectors. Thus, hadronization plays a substantial role in the ongoing physics programs at Jefferson Lab and at RHIC, and will be essential at the Electron-Ion Collider too.

The preparation of the key measurements within the theoretical and experimental communities, while being informed also by past and ongoing measurements, will ensure the optimal scientific output of the EIC.

Institute for Nuclear Theory (INT) - remote