4th Summer School on THE PHYSICS OF LHC

Palazzo Palmieri - Martignano, Grecìa Salentina (Lecce, Italy)

Palazzo Palmieri - Martignano, Grecìa Salentina (Lecce, Italy)

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The aim of the School (formerly known as the "Italo–Hellenic School of Physics") is to bring together young experimentalists and theorists and to prepare them with the necessary tools for physics at the LHC. It is addressed to Ph.D. students and post-docs, in both experimental and theoretical high-energy physics, and to the INFN research staff. The theory lectures will be aimed mainly at experimentalists and the experimental lectures at theorists. A total of approximately 30 hours of lectures, split evenly between theoretical and experimental topics, will be delivered over the six days of the School. The attendance fee (waived for the INFN research staff) is 100 €. The registration fee can be paid by a bank transfer (bonifico) to: Owner: Universe-LHC Account number: 000000344633 Bank: Monte dei Paschi di Siena - Filiale via Verdi n. 14 Agenzia numero 2 I-73100 Lecce BIC: PASCITMMXXX IBAN: IT 71 N 01030 16002 000000344633 Please mention "LHC school" as reason for the bank transfer together with your name and surname. An e-mail notification should be sent to the LHC School secretary lhcschool-at-le.infn.it after the payment.
  • Alberto Mengarelli
  • Alessandro De Salvo
  • Andrea de Azevedo Moregula
  • Andrea Spirito
  • Anna Mazzacane
  • Antonio Cassese
  • Antonio Mariano
  • Antonio Quintavalle
  • Arturo Sánchez
  • Carsten SOEGAARD
  • Casper Nygaard
  • Cecilia Taccini
  • Damiano Tommasini
  • Davide Pinci
  • Domenico Di Bari
  • Elvira Rossi
  • Francesco Barile
  • Giancarlo D'AMbrosio
  • Hans Hjersing Dalsgaard
  • Leonardo Milano
  • Leonardo Tinti
  • LiuJi Li
  • Luigi Delle Rose
  • Luigi Longo
  • Maddalena Frosini
  • Marco Feliciangeli
  • Margherita Primavera
  • Marilea Reale
  • Marino Romano
  • Plamen Hopchev
  • Raffaella Radogna
  • Ramona Lea
  • Rino Castaldi
  • Roberta Armillis
  • Sara Valentinetti
  • Stefano Redaelli
  • Vincenzo Lavorini
  • Monday, June 14
    • 10:00 AM 10:30 AM
      Coffee-break 30m
    • 12:30 PM 2:30 PM
      Lunch 2h