Feb 18 – 26, 2021
Europe/Rome timezone

Cultural Curiosity

The Neutrino Telescopes events have always contemplated some hours dedicated to cultural delights.
Over the years, visits and guided tours to major important sites in Venice, have enriched the scientific offer of the conference with a touch of pleasant knowledge. All participants have always appreciated this aspect of the conference.

This Neutrino Telescopes edition is different. Circumstances forbid us to meet personally and to do things as we usually were used to. Nevertheless, we do not want to deny ourselves the pleasure to take a break with something delightful.

Since the Neutrino Conference is organized by the INFN-Padova Unit and the Physics and Astronomy dpt. of Padova University, we are pleased to offer you at the following link, a virtual visit to some of the historical sites of the University and some of the beauty and art peculiarity of the city.

The Hall of Forty - Galileo Desk
We are pleased to invite you to a virtual tour of the "Sala dei 40" ("Hall of Forty") of the University of Padova.
It is one of the Institutional Rooms of the University, with the "frescoes" by Gian Giacomo dal Forno representing 40 of the most distinguished students of the University, over the years.

The elegant furniture around are designed by Gio Ponti and the ancient "desk" is considered to be, by tradition, the one that Galileo Galilei used for his lectures, during his stay in Padova. There is no certainty of this assumption as, according to prof. Vittorio Dal Piaz, there are no proof nor clear evidence for it.
Still, it could be possible, and for this reason the University of Padova reserves to this "historical piece" a prestigious location to be showcased.

Other important site of Padova University (virtual tour)

A Glimpse of Padova City (virtual tour)

Museum of the History of Physics