Feb 18 – 26, 2021
Europe/Rome timezone

Toward the detection of UHE neutrinos with the Cherenkov Telescope on EUSO-SPB2

Feb 24, 2021, 12:15 PM
Room 2 (https://unipd.link/NeuTel-ParallelRoom2)

Room 2


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Eliza Gazda (Georgia Institute of Technology)


Detecting ultrahigh-energy (UHE) neutrinos is a challenging task because fluxes are low, and the interaction cross-sections are minute. Motivated by the detection of high-energy neutrinos with IceCube, we are developing a compact Cherenkov telescope to detect Earth-skimming (UHE) neutrinos from a high-altitude balloon flight. The 1 m diameter Schmidt telescope has a 512-pixel silicon-photomultiplier (SiPMs) camera, read out with 100MS/s. The telescope will fly aboard the Extreme Universe Space Observatory Super Pressure Balloon 2 (EUSO-SPB2), a precursor to the proposed Probe of Extreme Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (POEMMA) mission. In this flash talk I will summarize the status of the Cherenkov telescope development and its expected performance.

Collaboration name EUSO-SPB2

Primary author

Eliza Gazda (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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