Jun 23 – 25, 2021
Europe/Rome timezone

Massive black hole binaries in the era of multimessenger astronomy


Alberto Sesana (Universita` di Milano Bicocca)


Following detection by advanced LIGO and Virgo, gravitational wave (GW) stocks are
on the rise. Despite their enormous impact, ground based detectors are
only sensitive to GW sources in the audio band. The low frequency GW
Universe is still unexplored and future spaceborne interferometers such
as LISA and ongoing and future pulsar timing arrays (PTAs) have the
potential to probe this window from nHz to mHz, unveiling the
gravitational universe and its sources, in particular massive black hole
binaries (MBHBs). Forming in the aftermath of galaxy mergers, those
sources are expected to be the loudest in the GW universe and possibly
bright in the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. I will discuss the expected
joint GW and EM emission of MBHBs and future opportunities for
multimessenger observations with LISA and PTA and future EM facilities
such as LSST, SKA, Athena.

Primary author

Alberto Sesana (Universita` di Milano Bicocca)

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