Jul 8 – 10, 2019
Cittadella dei Musei
Europe/Rome timezone

A Workshop on the 3D structure of the nucleon: quark and gluon TMDs from SIDIS, pp collisions, e+e- annihilation processes and related quarkonium production.

The main aim of the workshop is to bring together, in a lively and informal environment, experts in the study of Transverse Momentum Dependent parton distributions and fragmentation functions (TMDs), to discuss the state of the art and provide new ideas and perspectives in the field, both on the theory and the experimental side. The workshop will focus on open issues and new tools to investigate the 3D structure of the nucleon as well as the fragmentation mechanism within a TMD approach.

Presentations will be the starting point for a more in-depth common discussion on the main topics of the workshop and for a fruitful and educated brain storming among participants.

The number of participants is limited to about 25, and the number of presentations, upon invitation only, to around 20. The venue is “Aula Rossa” at the Cittadella dei Musei, Piazza Arsenale, 1 (Cagliari).

The workshop is supported and sponsored by Fondazione Sardegna under the project “Quarkonium at LHC energies”, CUP F71I17000160002 (University of Cagliari), University and INFN Cagliari and the “3DSPIN” ERC project, n. 647981 (University of Pavia).

Cittadella dei Musei
Aula Rossa
Piazza Arsenale 1, Cagliari