Production and Purification of [18F]Fluorine, [89Zr]Zirconium, [124I]Iodine with medical cyclotron

by Dr Emiliano Cazzola (Ospedale Sacro Cuore (VR))

CEOLIN meeting room (INFN-LNL)

CEOLIN meeting room



Positron Emission Tomography (PET) technique continues to have an important role on diagnosis of tumor and study of biological aspect of disease. Until now, the [18F]Fluorine was a perfect isotope for labelling drugs, due to the half -life align to the biological half -life of the classical drug . In the last years, a strong growth on Biopharmaceutical approval from FDA was reported and the ImmunoPET potentially can help on drug approval studies and to select the right patients for the biological treatment. For this application, where the antibodies are applied and the long blood circulation times are present, different isotopes than 18Fluorine are needed. For this reason more attention was made on long half- life isotopes, like 124Iodine and 89Zircunium, both of that with a half -life align and to the antibody biological half- life.This new isotopes production requests different production and purification process than 18Fluorine produced by using liquid target in very high yield and specific activity. To obtain   [89Zr]Zirconium and  [124I]Iodine  a different class of target, called solid target, was used and  very challenging purifications processes  were studies to obtain, in the right purity, the requested isotopes ready for drug labeling. Starting from 18Ffluorine production and purification process we will  arrive to the latest production and purification protocol to obtain 89ZrZirconium and 124Iodine.

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Giorgio Keppel