Automatic synthesis module for PET radiopharmaceuticals production

by Dr Emiliano Cazzola (Ospedale Sacro Cuore (VR))

CEOLIN meeting room (INFN-LNL)

CEOLIN meeting room



During the last twenty years the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) take the important role in medical diagnosis due to the possibility to evaluate the biological process that happens inside the body. Starting from the end of the last century  this procedure continues to grow and the number  of PET scanners installed in Hospital rapidly blast until now, where almost all the city Hospital have at least one PET scanner in use. At the meantime, lot of tracers, after the FDG (the blockbuster tracer) were produced and studied to achieve the continue demand to have the right radiopharmaceuticals for the right diagnosis. All of these compounds, for the nature of the structures, where a isotope is insert on pharmaceutical molecule to become a radiopharmaceutical, were produced by automatic process in order to minimize the manual operation. This approach was developed to minimize the operator exposure and to standardize the production process in order to increase the final yield andquality of the final product. Last but not least, the regulatory environment, where all the radiopharmaceuticals are, requests to validate production process where many  parameters needs to be under control and recorded impossible on manual productions. For all these reasons in the last 20 years many company have apply the latest technologies to provide the more stable and efficient module of production for radiopharmaceuticals. We will review all the common approach on automatic application on PET radiopharmaceutical production and on new technology.

Organized by

Giorgio Keppel