May 27, 2019 to June 1, 2019
Ex-Convitto Palmieri
Europe/Rome timezone

The school is directed to Ph.D. students interested in the areas of Theoretical particle physics, Cosmology, Gravity, Holography, and Scattering Amplitudes.

There will be lectures on cosmology, scattering amplitudes, holography and the intersection among these fields, including holographic cosmology and positive geometries.



Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS, Princeton)

Daniel Baumann (ITF, Amsterdam)

Jacob Bourjaily (NBI, Copenhagen)

Paul McFadden  (University of Newcastle)

Kostas Skenderis (University of Southampton)

with a public lecture, titled The End of Spacetime,  by Nima Arkani-Hamed.

The school will take place in the historical Ex-Convitto Palmieri, in downtown Lecce. Lecce is the capital of Salento, the heel of Italy and the home of the University of Salento, with approximately 20,000 students.  A city of ancient origin, Lecce is renowned in Italy for its Baroque architecture of the XVI century. Salento is also renowned for its beautiful coastline and traditions. It includes a Greek Speaking area called “Grecia Salentina”,  where an ancient Greek language (Griko) is spoken.


Organising Committee

Paolo Benincasa, Pietro Colangelo, Claudio Corianò, Fulvia De Fazio, Luigi Delle Rose, Paul Frampton, Mirko Serino, Kostas Skenderis


Ex-Convitto Palmieri
Sala Teatrino
Piazzetta Carducci, Lecce, Italy

In collaboration with
INFN Lecce; INFN Bari; INFN Commissione IV; Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Salento; Provincia di Lecce

                                                                                                            Provincia di Lecce


and with the sponsorship of: Puglia Promozione - Agenzia Regionale del Turismo