Scientific programme

The school will comprise the following topics:

HEP Theory
Speaker: Michelangelo Mangano (Theory Division, CERN)

Results from LHC
Speaker: Albert de Roeck (University of Antwerp)

Future particle colliders
Speaker: Nadia Pastrone (INFN Turin)

Review of Cosmic Rays
Speaker: Mario Pimenta (IST, Lisboa)

Review of gamma-ray and neutrino astronomy
Speaker: Alessandro De Angelis (University of Udine)

Review of underground physics
Speaker: Oliviero Cremonesi (University of Milan Bicocca and GSSI)

Gravitational Waves
Speaker: Jan Harms (GSSI)

Hadron physics and prospect electron-ion collider
Speaker: Marco Battaglieri (INFN Genoa)

Transfer of knowledge
Speaker: Ezio Previtali (INFN Milan Bicocca)

How to apply for European grants
Speaker: Amedeo Staiano (INFN Turin)

Third mission inside and outside INFN
Speaker: Giorgio Chiarelli (INFN Pisa)

Public event: seminar on exploration of space
Speaker: Roberto Battiston (University of Trento)