April 28, 2019 to May 3, 2019
Club Hotel Marina Beach
Europe/Rome timezone
Vacuum Fluctuations at Nanoscale and Gravitation: theory and experiments

Scientific Program

The topics of the conference are:

1)Vacuum fluctuations in superconductors, Casimir effects and q-bits, Casimir effects at small distances – both theory and experiments.

2)Vacuum fluctuation and Gravitation. Questions related to the Cosmological Constant Problem. Theories providing different renormalization procedures of vacuum energy in cosmology.

3)Underground or low-seismic environment Gravitation experiments. Atomic fountains. GW present and future. Small Forces detectors.

4)Underground characterization. Newtonian Noise. Geological studies for underground laboratories.

5)Underground techniques for small force detectors. Cryogenics. Seismic noise reduction. Data acquisition and storage.