26th Afternoon 15:00 (Pontecorvo room)
Welcome (A. Cocco /C. Tully /M. Messina) 10’
Discussion on MoU (All) 60’
Report on Synergy Grant preparation (A. Cocco / M. Messina) 30’
Report on visit to possible new experimental sites for the PTOLEMY project (A. Cocco / M. Messina) 15’
27th Morning 9:30 (Pontecorvo room)

Report on the status of the paper on the PTOLEMY Physics reach (G. P. Mangano / S. Gariazzo)  20’

Review of the PTOLEMY detector geometry (C. Tully) 30’
Report on the field simulation in Kassiopeia (W. Chung) 30’

Break 10:50-11:15

Electron-graphene interaction at 20 keV, overview of results and new experimental tests (C. Mariani) 20'

Report on the graphene measurements in Spain (J. Martinez) 20’

Report on the TES status (M. Rajteri) 20’
TES development for low-energy events detection at UNIGE (M. Biasotti) 20’
Multiplexed microwave readout of the cryogenic TES microcalorimeters (A. Giachero) 20’
Lunch Break (13:00-14:30)

On the capture rates of big-bang neutrinos by nuclei within the Dirac and Majorana hypotheses  (F. Vissani) 20’

The PTOLEMY experiment: an opportunity for nuclear physics (L. E. Marcucci) 20’

Dark PMT development (F. Pandolfi) 20’

Growing Carbon nanotubes  (I. Rago) 20’

Break 15:50-16:15

E-Gun simulations (O. Pisanti) 20’

E-Gun in Roma3 (A. Ruocco) 20’
Report on G-FET  (F. Zhao) 20’ 

Social Dinner 20:00
28th Morning 9:30 (Pontecorvo room)
Report on the status on the experimental area preparation (M. Messina) 10’

Visit to the experimental area in Hall di Montaggio (All) 20’

Discussion on future actions and people availabilities for LNGS tests (All) 30’
Future strategies towards April LNGS Scientific Committee meeting (All) 30’

Pontecorvo room
INFN - Laboratori Nazionai del Gran Sasso Via Giovanni Acitelli 22 67100 Assergi (Italy)