Jul 16 – 28, 2018
Palazzo Toppo-Wassermann
Europe/Rome timezone
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This course will explain the basic concepts in particle physics, starting from the fundamental blocks of matter and their interactions,  and including a review of the experimental methods used in ongoing investigations in the field. 

To have a "hands-on" approach to the topics studied, the school will include a "computing lab" where Higgs candidate events will be reconstructed from their decay products - using real LHC data -  and an experimental lab which will allow to detect cosmic rayshe 

The school is organized by the Departments DPIA and DMIF of the University of Udine and by the INFN.

Motivation: Introductory school on HEP goals and tools. Organized for chinese students.
Edition:       Ist edition.
Organizers: D. Cauz, M. Cobal, P. Giannozzi, P. Palestri, G. Panizzo, L. Santi, M. Soldani, A. Vacchi
Palazzo Toppo-Wassermann
Aula 2
Via Gemona - I-33100 Udine