Pollica Summer Workshop


Mathematical and Geometric Tools for Conformal Field Theories


This is the second edition of the Pollica Summer Workshop, held in a newly renovated castle in the medieval town of Pollica, located in the gorgeous region of Cilento, south of Italy, from June 3rd to June 21st 2019. To stimulate discussion as much as possible the first two weeks will have a light schedule, with one or two pedagogical, one and a half hour long, blackboard talks per day. During the third and final week we will have an even lighter schedule of talks and we will attempt an innovative set-up encouraging collective research (more details here).

The conference fee is of 250€, which covers coffee breaks and lunch during workdays.

Dates: 3rd - 21st June 2019

Location: The workshop will take place in Castello dei Principi Capano, see the map for also nearby restaurant suggestions.

Black board balcony

Scientific and organizing committee:

Fernando Alday (University of Oxford)
Philip Argyres (University of
Madalena Lemos (CERN)
Mario Martone (UT Austin)
Andrew Neitzke (UT Austin)
Sara Pasquetti (University of Milano Bicocca)
Leonardo Rastelli (Stony Brook University)
Massimo Taronna (INFN - Napoli section)

Sponsored by:

Simons Collaboration on The Nonperturbative Bootstrap


University of Napoli

Comune di Pollica

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