Observers in Quantum Gravity II

Physics Department, University of Naples Federico II

Physics Department, University of Naples Federico II

Via Cinthia, 21 - Building 6 80126 - Naples - ITALY
Flavio Mercati (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)

The notion of observer, which is quite a nuanced concept in quantum mechanics and in GR taken separately, can be expected to take a new meaning at the crossroads of those two theories, whatever the correct quantum theory of gravity will be.

We will gather a handful of experts in Quantum Foundations, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Cosmology and Philosophy of Physics, to discuss different aspects of the notion of observer, with an open mind regarding the particular framework or approach that each of us is pursuing, and trying to keep a focus on the conceptual and cross-disciplinary aspects.

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Dr. Flavio Mercati, conference organizer
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