Sep 17 – 21, 2018
Department of Physics and Geology
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Predictive Models for Thermal Modelling

Sep 17, 2018, 11:50 AM
Physics Building (Department of Physics and Geology)

Physics Building

Department of Physics and Geology

via Pascoli, snc 06123 - Perugia (IT)


Prof. Andrea Bartolini (Università di Bologna)


We hear it almost every day but we barely recognize, it’s the noisy fan of our laptop. We feel it with our hands in the summer, it’s our mobile getting too hot. It’s the heat dissipated by electronics devices. Digital processing elements, the heart of our smartphone, laptop, workstation and supercomputers dissipate power for flipping bits of information, this power increases the temperature of the silicon. The heat must be removed to keep the electronics safe. In the Multitherman ERC advance project we studies techniques for extract physically valid compact models directly from the final device, and to combine these with optimization strategies preserve the working temperature of the processing element. In this presentation I will give the basic knowledge on the problem an overview of the recent advances in the thermal modelling of real electronics devices.

Primary author

Prof. Andrea Bartolini (Università di Bologna)

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