Introducing myself, overview of my activity

RF linac optimization for FEL and Inverse Compton Scattering radiation sources

by Anna Giribono (LNF)

Meeting room 126 (Accelerator Division)

Meeting room 126

Accelerator Division

In the last two decades, the crucial role played by the high brightness electron beams in the frontier fields of radiation generation and advanced acceleration schemes has been largely established. The design and optimisation of high brightness RF linacs has shown to be essential for the coherent X-rays generation in the FELs as well for the realization of bright Inverse Scattering Compton (ICS) sources, depending the FELs on the electron beam peak brightness and the ICS sources on the electron beam maximum phase space density. These features for the electron beam are achieved thanks to a hybrid scheme consisting in an RF photo-injector followed by booster sections. At the INFN-LNF in Frascati both the ELI-NP Inverse Compton Scattering source, in its installation phase in Magurele (Romenia), and the EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB FEL facility are under study. The guidelines to design RF linac able to drive these sources and electron beam dynamics studies for these two machines are here presented.