Introducing myself, overview of my activity

High level software for ELI-NP-GBS beam characterization

by Valentina Martinelli (LNF)

Meeting room 126 (Accelerator Division)

Meeting room 126

Accelerator Division

The new Gamma Beam System (GBS) of the ELI-NP project, currently under installation in Magurele (RO) by INFN, as part of EuroGammaS consortium, can provide tunable gamma rays, with narrow bandwidth (0.3%) and a high spectral density (104 photons/sec/eV) by the Compton backscattering effect. A turn-key high level software has been designed to fully characterise the 6D beam phase space and the trajectory in order to help operator during commissioning with an easily scalable suite for any high brightness LINAC. Currently the high level software, interfaced with EPICS control system, manages automatically accelerator devices to allow electron beam diagnostic measurements (emittance, energy, spread, length, longitudinal profile). Next developments for preserving the beam quality of well-aligned bunch trains will include beam based alignment and dispersion free steering software.