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Augmenting the potential of the DUNE liquid argon detector by exploiting prompt scintillation light

by Dr Dante Totani (L'Aquila University)

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aula 131

Detection of Neutrinos from collapsing SuperNovae (SN) in the Galaxy and possibly farther away is of utmost importance in modern Physics. This is a primary scientific goal of the international DUNE experiment in the US. Trigger and localization of low energy underground signals such as SN Neutrino interactions may be provided by the prompt scintillation light emitted in ionizing events in the massive Liquid Argon TPC.
The design, development and realization of an efficient light detection system represents a challenge for the LArTPC technology. As an active DUNE member involved in this project, in the past two years I developed a new light read-out system concept based on the active ganging of SiPM arrays with an on board operational amplifier immersed in liquid Argon. The active ganging reduces the degradation of the signal when increasing the SiPM active surface. 
A number of prototype boards are presently under tests at FERMILAB.
This solution represents an innovative approach for the implementation of SiPM read-out in liquid Ar detectors, which promises to augment greatly the DUNE potential in this exciting field of research.
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