Claudio Giganti (LPNHE, Francia) - Towards precise measurement of neutrino mixing parameters with long baseline experiments

Aula A ()

Aula A

Long baseline experiments are nowadays crucial for the measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters. They are currently providing the most precise measurement of the atmospheric parameters (th23 and dm32) through the numu disappearance channel and they are the most sensitive experiments to the CP violation phase, dCP, through the electron neutrino and antineutrino appearance channels. In this seminar I will show the most recent results of the two long baseline accelerator experiments currently taking data, T2K and NOvA, underlining the complementarities and the differences between the two experiments. I will conclude with the prospects for a combined analysis between T2K and NOVA and with an overview of the future LBL experiments, HK and DUNE.
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