Jun 11 – 15, 2018
Torino - Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Info for Presenters

For the presentations, we expect to have a single Macbook computer available for the entire duration of the conference, supporting powerpoint, keynote, and pdf presentations. To avoid technical issues and delays (we have a very tight schedule), we would ask the speakers to provide their presentation material in advance (preferably the evening before the day of your talk).  To do that one can either send the material by email to : 
apaggi@unito.it  (email subject: oral contribution for Turin blazar conference)
or upload it to this google drive directory: BLAZINGSKY2018
—> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uWwrRcPpsfLR6WDFIGa3G8NPeaUrybrw?usp=sharing 
Please name the file with your last name, e.g., Massaro.ppt
Please do not delete any file from the directory! If you upload a new version, simply use a new filename, e.g., Massaro_v2.ppt and we will use the most updated version.
A dedicated LOC member will be in the auditorium each morning at 8am, and during coffee breaks, for you to verify that your presentation appears as intended.
A reminder of the talk slots and lengths :
35’ = 30’ talk + 5’ questions for Opening, Closing, and Reviews 
30’ = 25’ talk + 5’ questions for Invited 
25’ = 20’ talk + 5’ questions for solicited Fermi@10 
20’ = 16’ talk + 4’ questions contributed

Posters will be up for the entirety of the meeting, beginning at 8am Monday. Please remove them by the end of the Friday afternoon coffee break. 
Recommended Poster size: A0 = 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm = 33.1 in x 46.8 in

All posters will have the possibility to present a SINGLE slide and ONE minute (haiku format, no questions) during the conference (on Tue. June 12th at 3pm). Please send your slide (ONLY pdf format is acceptable) to apaggi@unito.it (email subject: haiku contribution for Turin blazar conference) before the beginning of the conference (deadline, end of Sunday June 10th).