1. General Seminars

The challenge of the Heterogeneous Computing: the CMS case for 2020s

by Mr Felice Pantaleo (CERN)

Aula Bruno Touschek (LNF INFN)

Aula Bruno Touschek


Starting from 2020, during LHC Run 3, the increased accelerator luminosity with the consequently increased number of simultaneous proton-proton collisions (pile-up) will pose significant new challenges for the CMS experiment. The primary goal of the HLT is to apply a specific set of physics selection algorithms and to accept the events with the most interesting physics content. To cope with the incoming event rate, the online reconstruction of a single event for the HLT has to be done within 220ms on average. The increasing complexity of events will make track reconstruction especially challenging. For this reason, reconstruction of Pixel Tracks is not executed for every event or is executed in ROIs.