VII Science with the New Generation of High Energy Gamma-ray Experiments (SCINEGHE 2009):
Gamma Ray Physics in the LHC Era

This will be the seventh edition in a series of Workshops on High Energy Gamma-ray Experiments, following the ones held in Perugia (2003), Bari (2004), Cividale del Friuli (2005), Elba Island (2006), Villa Mondragone, Roma (2007) and  Euganean Spa Area, Padova (2008). This year the focus will be on the gamma-ray astroparticle physics in the LHC era.  An update on the current and planned research for space-borne and ground-based experiments dedicated to the observation of the gamma-ray sky will be given. In particular, a special session will be devoted to Fermi. Among the participants there will be both hardened veterans of the first dedicated gamma-ray missions (like SAS-2, COS-B, CGRO) and young students entering the fascinating field of gamma-ray astrophysics participating in the new generation of dedicated experiments like Fermi, AGILE, MAGIC, HESS, VERITAS, CANGAROO, ARGO and MILAGRO.

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Assisi, Italy
Grand Hotel Assisi
  • Claudia Cecchi
  • Stefano Ciprini