September 8, 2017
Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "Galileo Galilei"
Europe/Rome timezone
The Beauty of Theory

The conference will commemorate Mario Tonin, a famed physicist and great personality, who left us last year. The program will consist of invited talks dedicated to recollections and research topics related to Mario's work. There will also be a session of short reminiscences.
Invited speakers
Igor Bandos (Basque Country Uni, Bilbao, Spain)
Nathan Berkovits (ICTP-SAIFR & IFT Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Loriano Bonora (SISSA, Trieste)
Giovanni Costa (Padova Uni)
Alberto Lerda (INFN, Turin & Piemonte Orientale Uni, Alessandria)
Ichiro Oda (Ryukyus Uni, Okinawa, Japan)
Antoine Van Proeyen (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Kurt Lechner, Pieralberto Marchetti, Marco Matone, Dmitri Sorokin
Secretary  Paola Zenere

Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "Galileo Galilei"
Aula "A. Rostagni"
via F. Marzolo 8, 35131 Padova

No conference fee. The registration is requested only to estimate the number of participants for logistic and catering purposes