9-14 September 2018
University of Ferrara
Europe/Rome timezone

The Wonder of Spin Dynamics in QCD

10 Sep 2018, 10:20
Teatro Nuovo - Piazza Trento e Trieste, 52

Teatro Nuovo - Piazza Trento e Trieste, 52

Plenary Sessions (for INVITED PLENARY TALKS only!) Spin Physics in Nuclear Reactions and Nuclei Plenary


Prof. Jianwei Qiu (Jefferson Lab)


Spin is an intrinsic and quantum property of all particles that we know of, including the elementary particles of the standard model, as well as composite particles, such as nucleons and nuclei that make up essentially all the visible matter in the universe. Without the spin, our world would not be the same as what we have seen and lived in. In this talk, I will briefly review the spin phenomena in strong interactions and the wonder of spin dynamics in QCD that has caught us off guard in a number of occasions, and has kept us going to explore and search for the ultimate solution and understanding of the spin of hadrons - emerged as strongly interacting, relativistic bound states of quarks and gluons in QCD.

Primary author

Prof. Jianwei Qiu (Jefferson Lab)

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