1. General Seminars

Low secondary emission surfaces for multipactor suppression in space

by Leonardo Soriano de Arpe (Madrid Univ.)

Aula Seminari (LNF INFN)

Aula Seminari


Multipactor is an undesirable effect produced when high power RF electric fields are used in vacuum. In space, this effect is very important since affects the wave-guides for communications limiting the power of the transmissions. Any electron present near the electric field is accelerated impinging the wave-guide walls and producing more electrons by secondary emission which are also accelerated. The final result is an electron cloud which can even destroy the wave-guide. In this talk I will first present the main characteristics of the multipactor effect in space, its relation with secondary emission and how this effect could be mitigated. Then I will present a brief summary of the late anti-multipactor coatings developed in our laboratory during the last years in cooperation with the ESA. Since the problem is still far away from being solved, I will present new ideas for antimultipactor coatings to be developed under an European ERA.Net Project.