28 February 2017 to 2 March 2017
Europe/Rome timezone


eASTROGAM is organized by INFN-Sez. di Padova, INAF and Physics Dpt. Univ. Padova.

International Organizing Committee
Giovanni Ambrosi
Andrea Argan      
Peter von Ballmoos
Giovanni Busetto
Maurizio Busso
Andrea Bulgarelli        
Andrei Bykov  
Paolo Coppi        
Alessandro De Angelis    
Roland Diehl
Immacolata Donnarumma
Alberto Franceschini
Isabelle Grenier      
Lorraine Hanlon    
Dieter H. Hartmann
Margarita Hernanz      
Irfan Kuvvetli  
Mario N. Mazziotta
Julie Mc Enery
Alexander Moiseev
Aldo Morselli
Uwe Oberlack    
Mark Pearce
Martin Pohl
Piero Rafanelli
Vincent Tatischeff      
Marco Tavani    
David J. Thompson
Roland Walter        

Local Organizing Committee
Denis Bastieri, Physics Dpt. Univ. Padova 
Giovanni Busetto, Physics Dpt. Univ. Padova
Alessandro De Angelis, Physics Dpt. Univ. Padova - INFN-Sez. PD
Michele Doro, Physics Dpt. Univ. Padova
Mosè Mariotti, Physics Dpt. Univ. Padova - INFN-Sez. PD
Riccardo Rando, Physics Dpt. Univ. Padova 

Sandra Calore, INFN-Sez. PD
Elena Pavan, INFN-Sez. PD

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