Pauli and Bohr watch a spinning top.
Photograph by Erik Gustafson, courtesy of AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Margrethe Bohr Collection

This training school is organized in the framework of the John Templeton Foundation financed project: " Hunt for the “impossible atoms”: the quest for a tiny violation of the Pauli Exclusion Principle. Implications for physics, cosmology and philosophy” and is sponsored by the Museo Storico della Fisica e Centro Studi e Ricerche Enrico Fermi, Roma and by INFN.

The main aim of the school is to train the young generation in hot issues of modern physics, such as the theoretical, philosophical and experimental aspects of the spin-statistics connection & quantum mechanics tests. Expert scientists and philosophers will give lectures on spin-statistics and spin-statistics violation and on theories beyond the “standard” quantum mechanics, with an overview of hottest topics in these sectors. Experiments testing spin-statistics (as VIP) and quantum mechanics and related philosophical issues will be introduced.

Young female students and researchers are strongly encouraged to participate.

Assessment of knowledge before and after the event will be realised (questionnaire).



Angelo Bassi, Univ. and INFN Trieste, Italy
Catalina Curceanu, LNF-INFN, Italy
Johann Marton, SMI-Vienna, Austria
Matteo Morganti, Univ. Roma Tre, Italy


Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati
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