This mini-workshop aims to lay the groundworks for the preliminary RF accelerator specification, in order to accomplish the first WP5 scientific milestone (M5.2).

This mini-workshop is addressed to those, within the EuPRAXIA collaboration, interested in the topic and directly involved  in the Milestone 5.2, i.e. WP5,WP2,WP3,WP6,WP7,WP9,WP12,WP14.

The discussion will focus on:
  • Scientific cases, highlighting requests from RF injector users, i.e. laser-driven and particle-driven external injection
  • Overview on RF electron guns, highlighting pros&cons
  • Next generation cryogenics RF photocathode sources
  • Operational experience at both test and users facilities, e.g. SPARC_LAB, FLASH, etc.
  • Contribution from under design facilities, e.g. SINBAD, etc.
  Highlight of critical issues concerning
  • beam stability (e.g. charge, energy, time duration, temporal separation in case of multi-drivers, pointing, …)
  • synchronization
  • repetition rate
Via E. Fermi 40 00044 Frascati (RM) Italy