EuPRAXIA WP9 Meeting

Aula Direzione (LNF)

Aula Direzione


Via E. Fermi 40 00044 Frascati (RM) Italy

     The discussion will concern: 

  • baseline parameter definition at 1 GeV (and maybe 5 GeV);

  • identification of a suitable plasma regime (linear, non-linear etc) and plasma target;

  • discuss driver and witness pulse shaping, if required; 

  • beam/plasma matching conditions and scaling laws;

  • energy spread compensation, if required ;

  • required diagnostics tools;

  • start-to-end simulations;

  • test experiments at FLASHForward or SPARC.

  • Alberto Marocchino
  • Alessandro Cianchi
  • Andrea Mostacci
  • Andrea Renato Rossi
  • Angelo Biagioni
  • Enrica Chiadroni
  • Fabio Villa
  • Jens Osterhoff
  • John Dale
  • Leonida Antonio Gizzi
  • Massimo Ferrario
  • Paul Andreas Walker
  • Riccardo Pompili
  • Vladyslav Libov
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