Feb 26 – 27, 2009
Department of Physics
Europe/Rome timezone
In the framework of the activity for the design study of Einstein Telescope (FP7 - ET) , we organize a workshop devoted to the thermal noise issues in GW future detectors. We take this occasion to review the thermal noise models for advanced Virgo and to progress with the activity of the working group (WP2) devoted to the suspension and thermal noise issues for ET. Because of the overlap of the people interested to both the subjects we decided to merge the workshop in a two days event where the first day is devoted to the Virgo thermal noise modeling and the second day is devoted to ET-WP2. The workshop is held in Rome at the Department of Physics of the Rome University La Sapienza, the 26-27th of February.
Department of Physics
Aula M. Conversi
Marconi building Sapienza - University of Rome P.le Aldo Moro 2 00185 Roma
  • Fulvio Ricci
  • Giovanni Losurdo
  • Michele Punturo