III International Geant4 and GPU programming school

Aula Azzurra (Laboratori Nazionali del Sud of INFN, Catania, Italy)

Aula Azzurra

Laboratori Nazionali del Sud of INFN, Catania, Italy

Giuseppe Cirrone (LNS)

A five days hands-on course organized by INFN and Cometa Consortium will be held at Laboratori Nazionali del Sud in Catania (Italy). It will be divided into separated sections. The first section will introduce the fundamental concepts of massively parallel computing, with a focus on modern GPUs and accelerators (from NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs to the Xeon Phi) and the OpenCL cross-platform standard for parallel programming. Examples in fluidodynamics, Monte Carlo methods, bioinformatics and economics will be presented. The second section will cover all aspects of the C++ programming and the Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit, from the basic installation through advanced topics and will be interspersed with examples that build a progressively more complex application, extensible to real space or medical use.  

Participants are recommended to bring their own laptop with (preferably) a Linux or an OSX operating system. Participants with a Windows operative system will be able to connect, via ssh, to specific desktop machine. Moreover, a virtual machine with a Linux OS and a ready-to-use Geant4 installation, will be provided in these pages in the next weeks, together with the installation instructions. 
You will find as soon as possible the prerequisites for:

- the GPU course 
- the Geant4 course 

Partecipation fees
Participation fee is 150 € for each course and 200 € for both courses. Under-graduate University students (maximum number admitted of 15-> 
THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF 15 HAS BEEN REACHED) will be granted a fee waiver. PhD students have to pay the regular fee. Final acceptance will be done according to the fee payment. We kindly suggest to pay as soon as possible. Registration will be closed once the maximum number will be reached.
This page is under construction and it will be continuosly updated.
Continual update will be found at the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/
For any information on the Geant4 course please contact:  Dr. Pablo Cirrone, Dr. Antonella Tramontana, Dr. Giuliana Milluzzo (pablo.cirrone@lns.infn.it, tramontana@lns.infn.it, gmilluzzo@lns.infn.it)

  • Adriana Navarro Reyes
  • Alessandro David Russo
  • Alessandro Pulcini
  • Alessio Tiberio
  • Andrea Steuwe
  • Anna Pugliese
  • Antonella Tramontana
  • Antonio Amico
  • Antonio De Benedittis
  • Antony Russo
  • Aycin BORA
  • Aymen Moujbani
  • Concettina Maiolino
  • Constantin Athanassas
  • Damiano Di Stefano
  • Francesca Nicotra
  • Francesco Romano
  • Giacomo Cuttone
  • Giacomo Fiumara
  • Giada Petringa
  • Gianluca Salvo
  • Gigi Cappello
  • Giorgio Collura
  • Giovanni Rizzotti
  • Giulia Musardo
  • Giuliana Giuseppina Milluzzo
  • Giuseppe Bilotta
  • Giuseppe Casale
  • Guembou Shouop Cébastien
  • irem Erk
  • Jan Pipek
  • John Kildea
  • joseph Muscolino
  • Kathryn Polin
  • Lina Quintieri
  • Loann Pommarel
  • Lorenzo Neri
  • Luca Di Mascolo
  • Luciano Pandola
  • Marco Giuseppe Salafia
  • Marco Stefano Scroppo
  • Marilyn Rodríguez Lopez
  • Mark Vervest
  • Md Ashaduzzaman
  • Md Tofiz Uddin
  • Michele Grasso
  • Munévar Edwin
  • Nicolò Buccheri
  • Pablo Cirrone
  • Piercarmine Giordano
  • Raffaele Maria Tucciariello
  • Renata Leanza
  • Riccardo Di Pietro
  • Salvatore Catanese
  • Salvatore Simone Perrotta
  • Santi Bertè
  • Sebastiano Spinali
  • Valentina Fioretti
  • Valentina Marchese
  • Valentina Scuderi
  • Vittorio Pocchi
  • Víctor Guijarrubia
  • Weronika Wolszczak