5. Theoretical Physics (CSN4)

Di-photon production in extra dimensional models to NLO in QCD at the LHC

by Dr M.C.Kumar (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics)

Auletta A1 (LNF)

Auletta A1


Di-photon production serves as an important probe in the search of extra dimensions at the collider experiments. At hadron colliders QCD plays an important and hence the higher order corrections are important in making reliable predictions of the cross sections. In this context, we present the Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the di-photon production process at the LHC in ADD and RS models. We have used semi-analytical two cut-off phase space slicing method for the implementation of various kinematic cuts on the final state photons and the jet. The final state collinear singularities are suppressed using the smooth cone isolation algorithm. We found that the NLO QCD corrections have enhanced the cross sections and minimized the scale uncertainties associated with them.