Oct 5 – 10, 2014
Capri-Naples, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

3D Structure of Liquid Sprays: X- Ray µ-Radiography and Tomography by Polycapillary Based Technique

Oct 7, 2014, 10:45 AM


Mr Luca Marchitto (Istituto Motori - CNR)


This work reports the results of a X-ray µ-tomography for investigating the inner structure of high pressure fuel sprays. X-ray imaging is widely used in a multitude of industrial applications where non-destructive tests are required for high accuracy measurements of samples morphology. Synchrotron X-ray source is generally used for fuel sprays investigation because its high flux radiation can overcome the troubles linked to the low absorption of hydrocarbon chains as fossil fuels. Recently, a desktop facility has successfully used to characterize high pressure gasoline sprays for automotive applications [1]. A X-ray tube coupled with polycapillary optics provided low divergence, high flux beam. This paper reports the last improvement concerning the quantitative measurements preformed on fuel sprays. [1] Hampai, D., Marchitto, L., Dabagov, S. B., Allocca, L., Alfuso, S., & Innocenti, L. (2013). Desktop X-ray tomography for low contrast samples. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 309, 264-267.

Primary authors

Andrea Liedl (LNF Università di Roma3) Claudia Polese (LNF DICMA - Univ. Roma Sapienza) Dariush Hampai (LNF) Mr Luca Marchitto (Istituto Motori - CNR) Dr Luigi Allocca (Istituto Motori - C.N.R.) Dr Salvatore Alfuso (Istituto Motori - CNR) Sultan Dabagov (LNF RAS P.N.)

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