1. General Seminars

Status and prospects of the Higgs boson studies in the Atlas experiment at the LHC

by Dr Kirill A. Prokofiev (New York Univ.)

Aula Conversi (LNF INFN)

Aula Conversi


Via Enrico Fermi, 40 00044 Frascati
In summer 2012 the CMS and ATLAS experiments at the LHC reached an important milestone. A new boson with a mass around 125:5 GeV was discovered in the combination of searches for the Higgs boson in H -> gamma gamma, H -> ZZ^(*) -> 4l and H -> WW -> l nu l nu decays. The analysis of the full LHC Run-I dataset by both collaborations confirmed this discovery. The observed production and decay modes are compatible with those predicted for the Standard Model Higgs boson. However, to associate the observed particle with Standard Model or a theory beyond, its quantum numbers should be determined, couplings to other particles and self-couplings should be measured. In addition, the fermionic decays of the present Higgs candidate are still to be observed. In this presentation the review current status of the Higgs boson studies in ATLAS will be given. The results of Higgs searches and measurements of properties in the individual decay channels as well as their statistical combinations will be presented. A particular emphasis on will be given to the current measurements of quantum numbers of the observed resonance. Part of the discussion will be dedicated to the prospects for further studies of Higgs properties in ATLAS. A particular emphasis will be given to the possibility of future experimental observation of the CP-violation effects in the Higgs sector using ATLAS data.