Higgs Physics at LHC (by Prof. Dieter ZEPPENFELD)

Aula Touschek

Aula Touschek

Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati
Dieter Zeppenfeld (Karlsruhe U., TTP)
The study of the origins of electroweak symmetry breaking is a primary goal of experiments at the LHC. These lectures discuss the theoretical underpinnings of the Higgs mechanism in the Standard Model and its supersymmetric extensions, including theoretical and experimental constraints on the Higgs boson mass. A survey of the main Higgs production and decay mechanisms at the LHC will lead to discussion of the main characteristics of Higgs boson signatures and the techniques available for background suppression. Some emphasis will be given on vector boson fusion processes in this regard. Beyond Higgs boson discovery a more ambitious goal is the measurement of Higgs boson couplings. The lectures will discuss some of the techniques for measuring their structure and size. Available QCD corrections for Higgs production and decay processes will be summarized since they are important for the extraction of Higgs properties with sufficient precision.
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