SuperB Detector Proto-Council

Mauro Morandin (PD)
    • 6:30 PM 6:40 PM
      Introduction 10m
      Speaker: Mauro Morandin (PD)
    • 6:40 PM 6:50 PM
      Membership Office Report 10m
      Speaker: Dr Christopher Hearty (University of British Columbia/IPP)
    • 6:50 PM 7:30 PM
      Discussion and Approval of the Constitution Proposal 40m
      Speaker: Mauro Morandin (PD)
    • 7:30 PM 7:40 PM
      Election of the Council Chair 10m
    • 7:40 PM 7:50 PM
      Proposal of Setting Up the Executive Board 10m
    • 7:50 PM 8:00 PM
      Ratification of the Executive Board Members 10m