1. General Seminars

ASI/e-GEOS Matera (G. Bianco, ASI & V. Luceri, e-GEOS, Matera)

Aula Seminari (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati)

Aula Seminari

Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati

Via Enrico Fermi 40 00044 Frascati

THE ASI SPACE GEODESY CENTER AND MATERA LASER RANGING OBSERVATORY (Giuseppe Bianco, ASI/CGS, Matera, Italy) The Space Geodesy Center "Giuseppe Colombo" (CGS), located near Matera, in southern Italy, is the major operational facility of the Italian Space Agency (ASI). It is of the few fully equipped fundamental space geodetic observatory (SLR/LLR, VLBI, GPS, gravimetry) in the international network, where both observational and data analysis activities are routinely carried out. The Matera Laser Ranging Observatory (MLRO), located at the CGS, is one of the premier Satellite and Lunar Laser Ranging facilities in the world, capable of measuring distances to cooperative targets up to lunar distances with millimetre-level accuracy. This presentation will give a description of the facility with particular emphasis on the MLRO and its observational capabilities. SATELLITE LASER RANGING DATA ANALYSIS AT THE ASI/CGS: STRATEGIES AND RESULTS (Vincenza Luceri, e-GEOS SpA, Matera, Italy) The International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) observing network continuously produces a wealth of high accuracy range measurements to geodetic satellites such as LAGEOS-1 and 2, ETALON-1 and 2, STARLETTE, STELLA, AJISAI and others. Such measurements are fed into dedicated software packages to derive time series of geodetic parameters, such as station coordinates, earth orientation parameters and gravity field. Since 2004 the ASI/CGS is in charge of producing the official ILRS geodetic solution by combining the results produced by several data analysis centers all over the world. This presentation will outline the SLR data analysis strategies in use at the CGS and describe the results obtained so far.

RB, 20/03/2008