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HEP Colloquia 2024

by Maria Vittoria Garzelli (University of Hamburg, II Institute for Theoretical Physics)

Sala Consiliare (Department of Physics)

Sala Consiliare

Department of Physics


Large-x PDFs and heavy-quark masses

I will discuss the constraints from precision measurments of heavy-quark hadroproduction at the Large Hadron Collider on large-x parton distribution functions, in particular the gluon distribution, and heavy-quark masses, considering analyses up to NNLO QCD accuracy.
These constraints are important not only for studies at the  High-Luminosity LHC, but even for the interpretation of data in far-forward LHC experiments, already taking data during Run 3. 
On the other hand, recent large-x data from Drell-Yan measurements in the SeaQuest experiment have been used to constrain the isospin asymmetry of the light sea-quark distribution, disfavouring a symmetric sea at x ~ 0.3.

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