Eco-gas meeting RPC ATLAS+CMS+EPDT+LCHb/Ship


Luce presented status of system.

Chamber are now running with ECO2 after Test beam.

Gianluca proposed to do an argon scan to all chambers before restarting the aging.

Stefania presented the results of EPDT chamber during TB 2024 April.

Clear shift of WP and reduction of max efficiency in 2024 vs 2023. The currents seem to be 10% higher for all mixtures, and rates are higher.

Not clear why reduction of max efficiency. Under study, if wp shift is related to current increase.

The increase of rate is not easy to understand if related to different setup in front of chambers , or something else. Position of dosemeter doesn't help.

Giuliana presented an update on resistivity scan analysinzing in spill and out of spill currents, but no clear differences are found.


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