Sep 16 – 20, 2024
Europe/Rome timezone


This is the 12th edition of the Lepton Future Collider (LFC) series workshops, started in 2007.

In this workshop we will discuss the progress that can be attained in the study of fundamental interactions by means of particle colliders of the next generations. The aim is to cross boundaries between the presently proposed future colliders projects (FCC-xx, ILC, CLIC, Muon Collider).
Subjects of the workshop include Higgs boson and electroweak physics, QCD, QED and precision physics, dynamics of light and heavy flavour quarks and leptons, as well as topics shared with astro-particle, cosmology and astrophysics.

The discussion happens in the frame set by  the latest recommendations from the European Strategy for Particle Physics (ESPP 2020), the latest P5 recommendations for the US (2023) and looks forward towards the next strategic decisions of the ESPP, to which we aspire to contribute with our program. The past LFC workshops have had a renowned tradition of being unique occasions to gather and spark connections between experimental and theoretical physicists in a quite informal environment, which allows countless opportunities for interactions and exchanges. 

Talks are by-invitation only, but for PhD students and young postdocs we envisage the possibility to prepare and present a poster.

Local Organizers
Aleksandr Azatov (SISSA)
David Marzocca (INFN Trieste)

Scientific Committee
Aleksander Azatov (SISSA)
Aldo Deandrea (U. Lione 1)
Stefania De Curtis (INFN GGI)
Roberto Franceschini (U. Roma 3)
David Marzocca (INFN Trieste)
Stefano Moretti (U. Southampton & Uppsala)
Lia Pancheri (INFN Frascati)
Fulvio Piccinini (INFN)
Roberto Tenchini (INFN Pisa)
Marcel Vos (IFIC)

Via Bonomea, 265, 34136 Trieste TS
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This conference is supported by INFN and SISSA.


Registration for this event is currently open.