Quasi-Normal Modes of JMaRT: Charge Instability

Feb 23, 2024, 12:00 PM
Room 005 (SISSA)

Room 005


SISSA building Via Bonomea 265


Carlo Di Benedetto (Università di Tor Vergata)


We consider linear scalar perturbartions of JMaRT geometries in type IIB supergravity beyond the near-decoupling limit. In addition to confirm that these solutions suffers of instability for the presence of an ergoregion without horizon, we also find quasi-normal modes (QNMs) with positive imaginary part that can be interpreted in terms of the emission of charged (scalar) quanta with non zero KK momentum. This is a signal that JMaRT solutions suffers also of a charge instability. Using both the correspondence between gravitational perturbations and quantum Seiberg-Witten curves of N=2 Super Yang-Mills with gauge group SU(2) and Nf = (0;2) flavours and numerical integration methods we find 'charged' unstable QNMs. The endpoint of these instabilities can be a supersymmetric (BPS) configuration.

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